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. ken cuccinelli, down south in virginia, he's a pro-life guy who's expected according to the polls to go down. so, he's expected to go down in a mixed state and christie is going to win in a deep blue state. i'm trying to make my point here, wow, pro-life politics and social issues can be very interesting. >> first of all, i think chris christie should really enjoy this moment, when you read "double down" and you see the kinds of stuff that has not come out about him yet, when you talk about people in new jersey, about property taxes going up and the bond rating going down, poverty going up, i think the myth of chris christie is going to pop like a lead balloon. i think this is his last great moment. when you want to run as a fiscally conservative and your taxes are going up and you have the worst bond rating in the state. >> let's separate those questions. i read parts of the book about chris christie, what are you specifically referring to? i saw the stuff about his vetting file. it doesn't seem to be disqualifying. >> listen, the stuff that i have seen, i haven't read the full b
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1